500-599 College of Health Professions
1966-1971 Department of Allied Health includes Nursing and DentalHygiene programs. Doris Bates is department head.
1972 Board of Regents(BOR) approves Regional Paramedical Centerin Savannah.
1973 Sister M. Bonaventure Oetgen is head of Allied Health Dept.
1973 June BOR approves construction of Regional Paramedical Centeron Armstrong's campus.
1975 Steven Wright is Director of Health Professions EducationCenter.
1978 School of Professional Studies established.
1978 James M. Repella named Dean for Professional Studies and acting head of Nursing Department.
1978 Armstrong designated as one of three Health Professions EducationCenters for University System. Construction of Regional Paramedical Center(Health Professions Building) completed
1979 Name changed to School of Human Services. Departments of SocialWork, Criminal Justice and Allied Health Programs affiliated with School. Education departments become part of School of Education.
1981 Marilyn Buck appointed head of Nursing Department.
1981 Emma Simon appointed head of Dental Hygiene department.
1984 Name changed to School of Health Professions. Criminal Justice program becomes part of Department of Government within School of Arts and Sciences.
1996 Division of Nursing established
1998 A.S. in Nursing ceases to be offered.
2001 James M. Repella,Dean of School of Health Professions, retires.
Timeline of degrees authorized by Board of Regents:
1965 Dec. B.S. Medical Technology
1966 March A.S. Nursing
1967 Sept. A.S. Dental Hygiene
1968 B.S. Dental Hygiene Education
1970, June B.S. Health Care Administration (name changed to BS inNursing in 1973)
1979, March A.S. Respiratory Therapy
1980 Bachelor of Health Science and Master of Health Science.
1982 A.S. Radiologic Technologies


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