• 600-649 Graduate Office/School of Graduate Studies



    Box 600 Records of the Dean of Joint Graduate Program, 1973-1985, Joseph Adams. 1 linear foot. Correspondence with James Eaton, minutes of meetings and reports of the Joint Graduate Council and it's committees. See also Box 5 Joint Graduate Program in Henry Ashmore Record.
    Fall 1971 Joint Graduate Program with Savannah State begins.
    1972-1979 Joseph Adams(ASC) and James Eaton (SSC) alternate as Deanof Joint GraduateProgram and are Deans of Graduate Studies at their Institutions.
    1979 Joint Graduate Program Ends.
    1990 Graduate programs affiliated with Georgia Southern University.
    1995 Graduate program dis-affiliated from Georgia Southern University.
    1995- Emma Simon, Dean of School of Graduate Studies.

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