950-955 Scrapbooks.

Scrapbooks of clippings from the local newspaper. (1935-1965) 2 linear feet. Scrapbooks 1-8. These scrapbooks were compiled by the President's secretary, Marjorie Mosley, an AJC graduate. Articles about the college, athletic events and also articles about alumni were clipped. See also: Henry Ashmore Records. Series 3. Box 11A, 11B and 11C and Robert Burnett Records. Series 2. Box 59.3 and 59.4.

Savannah Playhouse at Armstrong Junior College. Scrapbooks. n.d. .5 linear foot. Scrapbook 9 and 10.

Secretary-ettes and Future Secretaries Associations. Scrapbook. (1961-1967) Scrapbook 11. One book.

960-970 Student/Class Projects. Box 960 Class in Contemporary Georgia. Living in Savannah. (1940-1941) .5 linear foot. Two albums of snapshot photographs. Volume I (1940) consists of photographs of houses in Savannah, some labels of locations. Students photographed and label houses of middle class whites and blacks, wealthy homes and poor blacks and whites. Volume II (1941) are photographs of people, mostly on the streets, some families in front of their homes, but mostly children. Digital images of the photographs are available on Lane Library's web site(www.library.armstrong.edu), under digital collections.

2012-1 HIST 5770 Oral History Interviews about War. During the summer of 2009, students in Dr. Learotha Williamsí History 5770 course conducted oral history interviews about experience of war. Each student submitted a recording of the interview, a transcript of the recording, a signed release form, and an essay about oral history and their experience with the interview.†

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