98-100 Armstrong College Commission Box 98
Armstrong Junior College Commission Record Books. November 21, 1935-July 21, 1980. 1 linear foot.

Two loose-leaf notebooks. Photocopies of the record books the ASC Commission that governed the college from 1935-1958. After 1958 the Board of Regents oversaw the operations of the College, but the Commission continued to function as custodian of the College's endowment and scholarship funds. Minutes of Commission meetings, resolutions, by-laws, annual and quarterly reports of the President to the Commission, financial reports, budgets, Dean's reports, letters to the Commission. Arranged chronologically into 6 books: Book One, Nov.1935-Dec. 1939, Book Two, April 1940-Sept. 1944, Book Three: Jan. 1945-Feb. 1950, Book Four, July 1950-Nov. 1953, Book Five, May 1954-Nov. 1960 and Book Six, June 1961-August 1980. Books One through Four have indexes at their beginning and the record books are paged continuously through Book Four.

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