Record Group 1-98 Office of the President

1-49 Henry Ashmore, 4th President, 1964-1982.

Title: Administrative Records of Henry L. Ashmore, 1964-1982.

Administrative Information: Open.

Preferred citation:Administrative Records of Henry L. Ashmore, 1964-1982. Armstrong Atlantic State University Archives. Savannah, GA. 31419-1997. Box and file  number.

Biographical/Historical Note:

Chronology  of Dr. Ashmore's administration:
Date Event
1962, March Offer by Mills B. Lane, Jr. to purchase a site for the relocation of the College outside of the historic city center.
1963, May  Decision by the Board of Regents to convert Armstrong to a four year college.
1964 President Hawes retires.
1964  Henry Ashmore inaugurated as Armstrong's fourth President and presides over move.
1966, January  Opening of new campus on Abercorn Street with 8 new buildings.
1966 Board of Regents’ approval for construction of Solms and Victor Halls.
1968 College receives notice of accreditation as a senior institution by the Southern Association of Schools and Colleges (SACS.)
1968, June  The first baccalaureate degrees are awarded.
1970  Department of Special Studies and Academic Skills Laboratory established.
1971  University System comes under scrutiny of the U.S. Dept. of Health, Education and Welfare. Office of Civil Rights. (HEW)
1971-1978  Joint Graduate Program with Savannah State College, Dean, Joseph Adams.
1972  Reaffirmation of accreditation by SACS.
1972  Censure by American Association of University Professors as a result of Dyches Case.
1973-1975  HEW Duplication Committee meets, committee includes ASC and SSC representatives.
1973-1975  Dr. Ashmore chairs University System Committee on Drug Abuse and Sex Education.
1974 Fine Arts building completed.
1977-1979  Administrative reorganization of College
1978  Armstrong designated as one of three Health Professions Education Centers for University System. Construction of Regional Paramedical Center (Health Professions Building) completed.
1979  Program Exchange with Savannah State College (all education programs to ASC, all business programs to SSC) results from Plan for the Further Desegregation of the University System of Georgia. Joint Graduate Program terminated.
1982  Reaffirmation of accreditation by SACS.
1982, August  Dr. Ashmore retires.


Henry Ludlow Ashmore was born July 4th 1920 and raised in Slopchoppy, FL. He was married to Clarice Langston in 1946. They had two children, Randon and Jerri. Dr. Ashmore received all of his degrees from the University of Florida, ending with a Doctorate in Education in 1950. Between 1950 and 1953 Dr. Ashmore was Coordinator of Student Teaching at Georgia Southern College in Statesboro, GA. Dr. Ashmore became President of Pensacola Junior College in 1954 and remained in that position until he joined the faculty of Armstrong College of Savannah as President in 1964. Active in many professional associations, Dr. Ashmore was the Secretary of the Executive Council and College Commission of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) and chairman of numerous committees of SACS to accredit colleges. Dr. Ashmore was a member of many civic groups in Savannah including the Rotary Club, Chamber of Commerce, Boy Scouts, Candler Hospital, G.E.A. and Y.M.C.A. After he retired from the College in 1982, Dr. Ashmore was associate and interim director of SAC's Commission on Colleges until 1991. Dr. Ashmore died on Oct. 13 1995 in Athens GA.

Henry Ashmore's administration oversaw Armstrong's transformation from a 2 year to 4 year college and the necessary expansion of the its physical facilities and educational programs. The period saw the construction of a new campus, four additional buildings and several renovations of existing buildings. The number of degrees, majors and courses offered increased greatly in the health professions, liberal arts and education. Dr. Ashmore summed up the College's expansion in a farewell article in The Inkwell. "It has been my pleasure to see the college develop these new programs, to provide leadership in the University System of Georgia,…to see the faculty grow from approximately 15-16 to 160 and to see the student body grow from approximately 500 to 3,000." (May 28, 1982, p. 3)

During this period the College confronted the desegregation of higher education in the South, particularly court ordered mandates administered through the U.S. Dept of Health, Education and Welfare (HEW). Desegregation mandates influenced the Joint Graduate Program (1971-1978), prompted a HEW duplication committee (1973-1975) and culminated in the exchange of programs between Savannah State University and Armstrong in 1979. Throughout Ashmore's tenure and after, the merger of Armstrong State and Savannah State was discussed in meetings and public hearings.

Scope and Content Note:

The records fully document Dr. Ashmore's administration of the College, his work with educational organizations, civic groups and his personal correspondence. Dr. Ashmore's correspondence with Armstrong administrators, faculty, Chancellor George Simpson, and other university system officials form the bulk of the record. The record group documents the College’s and University System’s responses to directives from the Department of Health, Education and Welfare (HEW) to desegregate the University System of Georgia which began circa 1971 and lasted through Ashmore’s administration.

While the bulk dates of the records are 1962-1982, the Ashmore Papers contain records dated from 1920-1989. Some records are from earlier periods in the College’s history. Series 1/3 under "faculty" includes President Forman Hawes’ correspondence with faculty members. Series 1/3, "Alumni Association" includes minutes and correspondence of the Alumni Association from 1942. Annual reports, Student Publications, publicity materials and newspaper clippings from the earlier history of the College are found in Series Three.

Henry Ashmore left his files intact in the President's Office when he retired in 1982. The files were moved to storage on campus. The boxes were labeled and sealed and some work on their arrangement had been done. Eventually Dr. Janet Stone, a professor in Armstrong's History Department, rescued the records from storage in order to use them in writing a history of the University. With no place on campus to work on them, the records were housed at the Georgia Historical Society for a time. There, the records were organized (they were in some disarray) by Dr. Stone and her assistant. Each box was given a number and box listings were created. The box numbers and container lists have been maintained and incorporated into the present arrangement. The boxes were stored in Janet Stone's office until being moved into the Lane Library in 1999 and accessioned into the University Archives. Several more boxes of Ashmore records were relocated from storage to the University Archives in 1999. All of Henry Ashmore's Armstrong records are now housed the University Archives, arranged and described in this finding aid.

Organization and Arrangement:

Administrative Records of Henry Ashmore. (1920-1989, bulk 1965-1982) 48 linear feet. Correspondence, memos, reports, publications of the College, newspaper clippings, speeches and minutes of meetings of Henry Ashmore, President of the College from 1964-1982. Includes correspondence of Foreman Hawes, President, 1943-1964, and records of Robert Burnett, during his Vice Presidency, 1980-1982. The records are arranged into three series:

Series One: Correspondence

Series Two: Minutes of Meetings

Series Three: Miscellaneous

Series One: Correspondence. (1920-1989, bulk 1965-1982) 35 linear feet. Correspondence with administrators of ASC, other colleges, University System Officials and Professional Associations form the bulk of this series. Ashmore's correspondence with faculty and students and his personal correspondence are also significant. Series includes President Hawes' correspondence with faculty hired during Hawes' administration and still employed during Ashmore's. Reports, speeches, policy documents, photographs and minutes of meetings are also found here. All aspects of the College are documented: construction of the new campus, desegregation, and development of new programs. A significant set of records documents the actions taken in response to the Department of Health Education and Welfare's directive (starting in 1973) to desegregate the University System of Georgia, including the Joint Graduate Program with Savannah State, the HEW Duplication Committee and merger talks. Desegregation issues are found throughout Ashmore's correspondence, but see especially series 1/3 under "Desegregation" and "Graduate Programs, Joint." Also of interest is Ashmore's correspondence with researcher David Reisman about the role of the college president. The College's censure by the American Association of University Professors, which began in 1972 over the Dyches case, is documented. The series is divided into the four sub-series:

1/1 General Correspondence

1/2 Departmental, Administrator and Committee, by date

1/3 Departmental and Topical, alphabetically

1/4 University System

1/1General Correspondence: General correspondence, subject files of correspondence and personal correspondence are found here. Also Ashmore's correspondence with professional associations, including  the American Association of University Professors (AAUP) and Georgia Southern University.

General Correspondence (1956-1984, bulk 1969-1982) Box 15-A
General Correspondence (1956-1984, bulk 1969-1982) Box 15-B
Correspondence and speeches arranged alphabetically by type/correspondent. Types include: General Correspondence, complaints, and recommendations. Correspondents include students, parents, Georgia governors and representatives, city officials, community leaders, Georgia colleges and colleges in other states. Some files for individual correspondents including O.E. Bright, Joseph Miller, and David Reisman, a sociologist, concerning his study of the role of the college president. Correspondence concerning Dr. Ashmore's publications, the 1979 Search and Screening Committee for the Chancellor the University System, and other topics. See container lists in the Archives for file titles.

Correspondence, Subject files A-R (bulk 1969-1980) Box 15-C
Correspondence, Subject files R-Z (bulk 1969-1980) Box 15-D
Correspondence arranged by topic or organizational name. Concerns the building programs, proposals, co-operative agreements and planning for the college. Also correspondence with local schools, educational associations and government agencies. File of correspondence with H. Dean Propst, Dean of Faculty during his hiring.

File listing for Box 15C:

1.Correspondence with H. Dean Propst during his hiring , May-July, 1969
2.Agency Agreements, 1980-1982
3.Architects, correspondence 1978-1981
4.ASC Administration Organizational Charts, 1970-1979
5.ASC Future Plans, 1969- 1981
6.Association of American Colleges
7.Better Business Bureau of the Coastal Empire, Correspondence 1972-1978
8.Board of Public Education (Savannah, GA.) Correspondence, 1968-1982
9.Board of Regents by-laws, 1971
10.Crime Prevention Institute, 1981
11.Economic Opportunity Authority, 1979
12.Energy Committee, 1973-1974
13.Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action, 1978-1979
14.New Proposals, Facilities 1973, 1979
15.Faculty Retention and Non-retention, 1980-1982
16.Faculty Tenure and Promotion, 1979-1982
17.Ford Foundation, 1968-1974
18.Fort Stewart, 1964-1979
19.Hunter Army Airfield, 1967-1975
20.Fraternities and Sororities 1970-1982
21.Georgia Association of Colleges 1976-1979
22.Georgia Forestry Commission 1973
23.Georgia State Department of Education 1965-1982
24.Georgia Learning Resources System Center 1981
25.Governor’s Committee on Post-secondary Education 1979-1982
26.Letters of Intent (listing) 1980-1983
27.National Education Association 1971-1981
28.National Science Foundation 1972-1981
29.National Associations, Miscellaneous Correspondence 1975-1981
30.Air Pollution Control Workshop 1970
31.Professor Emeritus Criteria 1982
32.Propeller Club Scholarship 1971-1972
33.Proposals for Grants, Government 1974-1975
34.Proposals for Grants, Private
35.Proposed Extra Compensation Policy 1969-1970
36.Purdue Rating Scale for Instruction
37.Regents Testing Program, General Memoranda 1979-1984
38.Regents Testing Program, Internal Memos and Personal Correspondence
39.Rental Policy

File Listing for Box 15D:

1.Skidaway Institute of Oceanography 1975, 1979
2.Southeast Georgia Health Systems (1980-1981)
3.Southern Regional Education Board(1969-1983)
4A.Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (1980-1984)
4B.Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (1980-1984) contd.
5.State Law re: Alcohol Use on Campus
6.Students Annual Awards Convocation, 1980,1982
7.Fort Stewart: ASC, GSC, SSC Consortium (TARO), (1975-1979)
8.Coastal Area Teacher Education Service (CATES) et. al.
9.Teachers Retirement System(1974, 1976)
10.Unionization (1976)
11.United States Department of HEW(1979-1980)
12.US Department of Education (1980-1982)
13.United States Department of HEW Student Aid Programs (1980)
14.Department of Hew Desegregation (1977-1979)
15.Wormsloe Foundation, Inc. (1964-1982)
16.United States Internal Revenue Service (1971,1979)
17.Zoning for ASC (1968-1972)

Correspondence, Personal (1964-1989) Box 16
Files for correspondence to friends and family, letters to editors, articles, invitations, thank you notes, condolences and confidential correspondence. There are also files of correspondence with the YMCA, Candler Hospital and concerning China. Correspondence with James Rodgers, former Dean of Students, who resigned in 1970 to become president of Brenau College are filed here. File of black and white photos.

Professional Associations and Accreditation (1971-1979) Box 9
Correspondence and reports mostly concerning accreditation and site visits, alphabetical by association name, including: Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, Federation of Regional Accrediting Commissions, American Association of State Colleges and Universities, American Association of University Women, American Association of University Administrators, Georgia Association of Colleges and National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education. File 5 contains correspondence with Chancellor concerning accreditation.

American Association of University Professors (1965-1985) Box 7-C
Correspondence with AAUP (national and local chapter), community members and the Chancellor mostly concerning a grievance made by faculty member W. Hayne Dyches that lead to the College's censure by the Association in 1972. Also included: Committee reports, a reprint of the statement of the case published in the AAUP Bulletin May, 1972 and Vice President Burnett's file on the Dyches case. Censure was terminated, June 17 1983.

Georgia Southern (1976-1986) Box 28
Correspondence of Henry Ashmore and Robert Burnett with Presidents and others of Georgia Southern College, later, University.

1/2 Departmental, Administrator and Committee Correspondence by date: First two boxes contain correspondence arranged by time period, then by department name. Last 3 boxes contain correspondence with administrators (and some committees) arranged by time period, then alphabetically by name.

Correspondence, Departmental (1956-1982, bulk 1966-1976)Box 23-A
Correspondence, Departmental (1979-1982, bulk 1981-1982)Box 23-B
Correspondence with faculty arranged by Department name. Records from before 1966 are personnel files for long time faculty members. After 1977 includes files for the Schools of Education, Arts and Sciences and Human Services (Health Professions) See also series 1/3 under Education and Health Professions.

File listing for Box 23A:

1.Biology (1956 - 1963)
2.Biology (1966; 1970 - 1976)
3.Business Administration - Personnel (1948 - 1965)
4.Business Administration (1964 - 1980, bulk 1970-1976)
5.Chemistry and Physics (1972 - 1976)
6. ASC Research Institute (1966-1976)
7A.Criminal Justice (1966-1973)
7B.Criminal Justice (1974-1976, 1981)
8A.Education (1968 - 1976; 1981)
8B.Coastal Area Teacher Education Service (CATES) (1968 - 1982)
9.Teacher Education: State Department Information; Committee Minutes (1967 - 1975)
10A.Fine Arts (1952 - 1976)
10B.Fine Arts -- Dr. Charles Lawson regarding Music Program (1970 - 1974)
11.History and Political Science (1962 - 1968; 1970 - 1976)
12.History and Political Science (1969 - 1973)
13.Languages and Literature - Junior College Faculty to Continue (1948 - 1978)
14.Languages and Literature (1969 - 1976)
15.Mathematics (1963; 1969 - 1976)
16.Psychology and Sociology (1969 - 1982)
17.Social Work (1969 - 1972)
18.Social Work (1980 - 1982)
19.Savannah Speech and Hearing (1970 - 1976)
20.Department of Military Science (1980 - 1982)

File listing for Box 23B:

  1. History and Political Science (1981-1982)
  2. Languages and Literature (1981-1982)
  3. Mathematics (1981-1982)
  4. Medical Records Technologies (1979-1982)
  5. Medical Technology (1982)
  6. Military Science (1979-1982)
  7. Nursing (1979-1982)
  8. Dental Hygiene (1981)
  9. Developmental Studies (1981)
  10. Elementary Education (1981)
  11. Secondary Education (1981)
  12. Criminal Justice (1981-1982)
  13. Fine Arts (1981-1982)
  14. School Faculty Meetings (1981-1982)
  15. Department Head's Meetings (1981-1982)
  16. School Curriculum Committee Meetings (1981-1982)
  17. Biology (1981-1982)
  18. Chemistry and Physics (1980-1982)
  19. School of Human Services (1972)
  20. Physical Education and Athletics (1980-1982)
Correspondence, Administrators (1971-1979, bulk 1971-1975) Box 25-A
Correspondence, Administrators (1965-1980, bulk 1977-1980) Box 25-B
Correspondence, Administrators (1977-1982, bulk 1980-1982) Box 26
Correspondence and Memos with Armstrong administrators, by date then roughly alphabetically by name, except for files to multiple recipients and some general files. Files for committees of the faculty and some departments for the period 1981-1982 are in Box 26.

File listing for Box 25-A

1. Dean Propst (1971-1975) Memos to Ashmore from H. Dean Propst, Dean of Faculty
2. Dean Propst (1971 - 1975) Copies of Memos sent by H. Dean Propst
3. Propst Letters and Memos (1971 - 1976) Some correspondence, bulk copies of memos from Ashmore to Propst. [See also Box 15C file 1 for Propst's correspondence during hiring in 1969 and Box 25A file 13 and 16.]
4. Don Anderson, Dean, Division of Community Services (1971 - 1976)
5. Joseph Adams, Dean for Instruction and Graduate Studies (1971 - 1976)
6. Joseph Adams, Memos to Ashmore (1972 - 1976)
7. James Baker, Director of Development (1971 - 1976)
8.George Hunnicut, Registrar (1971 - 1976)
9. Arthur Prosser , Associate Comptroller (1971 - 1976)
10. Jules Stanfield, Comptroller (1971 - 1976)
11. James Majors, Public Relations (1971 - 1976)
12. Joseph Buck , Dean of Student Affairs (1973 -1976)
13. Propst to Ashmore Memos (1974)
14. Cost Per Credit Hour of Courses (1975)
15. Eric Stocker, Development (June-Dec. 1976)
16. H. Dean Propst, Vice President and Dean of Faculty (1976)

File listing for Box 25B

1. Al Harris, Director of Student Activities (1977 – 1980)
2A. Jules Stanfield, Vice President for Business and Finance (1977 – 1981) Memos to
2B. Jules Stanfield, Vice President for Business and Finance (1977 – 1981) Memos from
3. Charles Nash, Dean of School of Education (1979 – 1980)
4A. Jim Winters, Veteran's and Financial Aid (1974 – 1978)
4B. Jim Winters, Veteran's and Financial Aid (1978 – 1980)
5. Jim Winters, Student Financial Aid (1978-1979)
6. Mr. Nease, Manager of ASC Student Center (1965 – 1979, bulk 1972-1979)
H. Dean Propst, Vice President and Dean of Faculty:
    7A. Memos to Propst from Ashmore (1977-1979)
    7B. Memos from Propst (1976-1977)
    7C. Memos from Propst (1978-1979)
8A. George Hunnicutt, Registrar (1977– 1978)
8B. George Hunnicutt, Registrar (1979– 1980)
9A. Robert Burnett, Dean of School of Arts and Sciences (1978 – 1979)
9B. Robert Burnett, Dean of School of Arts and Sciences (1980)
10A.James Repella, Dean for Professional Studies (1978 – 1979)
10B.James Repella, Dean for Professional Studies (1980)
11. Joseph Buck, Dean of Students (1977 – 1980)
12. Richard Baker, Director of Security, Director of Plant Operations (1977-1980)
13. Don Anderson, Dean for Community Services (1977 – 1980)
        See also Box 25A file 14.
14A. Jospeh Adams, Dean of Graduate Studies (1977 – 1978)
14B. Jospeh Adams, Dean of Graduate Studies (1980)
15. Tom Miller, Admissions (1978 – 1980)
16. Paula Tomkins, Personnel Director (1978 – 1980)
17A. Erich Stocker, Director of Development (1977 – 1978)
17B. Erich Stocker, Director of Development (1979 – 1980)
18. Memos from Ashmore, multiple recipients (1973 – January, 1980)

File listing for Box 26:

1A. Memos to Multiple Recipients (Feb.1980 - June 1981)
1B. Multiple Recipients (June 1981 - June 1982)
2. Memos to Department Heads (1980 - June, 1982)
3. Memos from Department Heads (Feb. 1980 - May 1982)
4. Ashmore Memos from Faculty (March 1980 - March 1982)
5. From Joseph Adams, Dean School of Arts and Sciences (1981 - 1982)
6. To Joseph Adams, Dean School of Arts and Sciences (1981 - 1982)
7. Administrative Council Meetings-Minutes (1981 - 1982)
8. Administrative Staff Meetings (1981 - 1982)
9. To Donald Anderson, Dean Division of Community Service (1981 - 1982)
10 Evaluation Committee (1981 - 1982)
11. Athletic Committee (1977-1982)
12. Richard Baker, Director of Plant Operations (1981-Jan. 1982)
13. Joseph Buck, Dean of Students (1981 - 1982)
14. Counseling and Placement (1981 - 1982)
15. Curriculum Committee Meeting minutes (1981 - 1982)
16. Executive Committee Meetings (1981 - 1982)
17. Faculty Meeting (August-September 1981) Minutes, memos
18. Faculty Welfare Committee (1981 - 1982)
19. Federal Proposals, Stocker (1977 - 1980)
20. Mrs. Groach, Director of Finance (1981 - 1982)
21. Honor Council (1977 - 1979) Recommendations, memos, appeals
22. George Hunnicutt, Registrar (1981-1982) Memos to/from, minutes, organizational chart
23. Lecture/Concert Co. (1981)
24. Library (1981 - 1982)
25. Admissions Office (1981)
26. Charles Nash Dean School of Education (August, 1979 - 1982)
27. Arthur Prosser, Asst. Comptroller (1977 - 1981)
28. James Repella, Dean of Professional Studies (1980 - Feb. 1982)
29. John Stegall, Vice President for Business and Finance (1980 - June, 1982) hired 1/19/1981
30. John Stegall (1980 - 1982)
31. Erich Stocker, Asst. to the President (1981 - 1982)
32. Student Activities Committee (1977, 1980 - 1981)
33. Paula Tompkins, Personnel Director (1981 - 1982)
34. Jim Winters, Financial Aid and Veteran's Affairs (1979 - 1982)

1/3 Correspondence, department and topical, alphabetically: Each box contains records arranged chronologically about a department or topic. Box titles arranged alphabetically. The contents of the boxes are described below. For a complete listing of files, see container lists in the University Archives.

Box titles:

Admission and Registrar
Alumni Association
Athletics and Physical Education
Buildings and Grounds
Campus Unrest
Community Services
Computer Services
Developmental Studies/Special Studies
Education, School of
Faculty Appointments/Promotions
Faculty, Correspondence with
Faculty Evaluations
Gifts, Grants and Funding
Graduate Programs, Joint
Graduate Programs
Health Professions
Program Proposals
Student Affairs and Student Activities

Admissions and Registrar (1963-1982, bulk 1971-1982) Box 1
Correspondence with Admissions Office (Tom Miller) Registrar (Geo. S Hunnicutt) and with Chancellor's Office concerning admissions, testing and enrollment. See Container list for file names.

Alumni Association (1946-1996, bulk, 1955-1978) Box 31
Minutes of meetings, correspondence, reports and publications of Armstrong's Alumni Association and Alumni Endowment Fund Meetings. Marjorie Mosley, secretary to the President (tenure: 1942-?) and alumn. Arranged chronologically. Includes the following publications: Geechee Gazette (1954-1966, 1970), Geechee Gram (1971-195), Alumni Newsletter (1971-1978), Focus (Spr 1985.) Includes Minutes of Meetings of the Alumni Association (1963-1965, bulk 1970-1979) and the Alumni Endowment Fund (1955-1958,bulk 1956.)

Athletics and Physical Education (bulk 1971-1982) Box 19 and Box 34 file 5
Correspondence with faculty and department heads (Roy Sims, Lawrence Tapp, Bill Alexander, R. Bryner), minutes of meetings, 2 color photos and a banner. Includes Correspondence with athletic associations, South Atlantic Conference, National Collegiate Athletic Association and about Title IX. See also Box 34 file 5 for more departmental records from 1976-1980.

Buildings and Grounds (1959-1982, bulk 1963-1980) Box 14A
Buildings and Grounds(1973-1975) Box 14B
Correspondence with Chancellor, Vice Chancellor for Construction Frank Dunham, other University System officials, architects, contractors, landscape architect Clermont Lee, Consulting Engineer Errett Gunn concerning construction and maintenance of buildings and grounds. Two files concern old campus (1959-1961.) Also proposals, reports and photos of new campus under construction. See also record group for Business Office.

Campus unrest (1968-1974) Box 6
Correspondence, policies, position statements concerning Vietnam period, Students for a Democratic Society, disruptive behavior and student dissent. Also filed here records of University System Committee on Drug Use and Sex Education.

Community Services (1970-1986, bulk 1970-1982) Box 10
Donald Anderson, Dean
Correspondence, primarily concerning continuing education, with Anderson, Clifford Hardwick of Neighborhood Continuing Education Program, and Gary Norsworthy, Dean of Joint Continuing Education Center. Arranged chronologically.

Computer Services (1973-1982) Box 20 file 12-14
Organization of Computer Services department, Margaret Morrison, Dept. Head.

Developmental Studies/Special Studies (bulk,1972-1982) Box 29 and Box 23B file 9
Correspondence with Chancellor and faculty about department and remedial education generally. Departmental minutes, position paper by Dr. Ashmore, and University System report. See also Box 23B file 9.

Desegregation -- HEW(1970-1979) Box 40
Memos, reports, minutes of meetings, notes on meetings and reports concerning cooperative programs, the HEW Duplication Committee and the recruitment study committee. The Committees were created in response to directives from the Dept. of Health, Education and Welfare in 1973. Correspondence, memos, and reports concerning compliance with desegregation directives: merger, program swap and reports of the Savannah Area Community Liaison Committee. Enrollment data for ASC and the Joint Graduate Program (see Box 5 and below.) Correspondence, reports, plans and statistics concerning affirmative action.

Education, School of (1974-1982, bulk 1976-1982) Box 34
Correspondence with State Department of Education (1974-1979.) Minutes and memos of the Curriculum Committee (1979-1982.) Bulk is correspondence with, minutes of meetings of, documents concerning: School of Education (Charles Nash, Dean) from Ashmore and Vice President Burnett's files. Files for departments of Physical Education, Elementary Education and Secondary Education. See Also, box 23A files 8A, 8B-9 and Box 23B files 10, 11.

Faculty Appointments/Promotions(1948-1975, bulk 1966-1975) Box 7-E
Correspondence with Chancellor, Vice Chancellor, ASC Administrators, especially Dean Joseph Killorin, concerning faculty members appointment, promotion and salaries.

Faculty, Correspondence with (1941-1985, bulk 1965-1980) Box 7-A
Includes minutes of meetings, concerns hiring, salaries, faculty development and evaluation. President's memos to faculty (1964-1982.) List of faculty hired 1935-1985. Files for Orson Beecher (1941-1966), K.C. Wu (1964-1974) and Emory Crosby (1967-1968). Files 17,18, 29: Executive Committee (1975-1979.) File 12: Dedication of Solms and Victor Halls (1969)

Faculty Evaluations (1971-1984, bulk 1977-1984) Box 7-D
Reports, policies, forms and memos concerning evaluations of faculty: peer, administrator and student. Also records concerning Faculty Evaluation Committee.

Gifts, Grants, and Funding(1920-1982, bulk, 1965-1979) Box 18-A
Gifts, Grants, and FundingBox 18-B
Gifts, Grants, and FundingBox 18-C

Correspondence, financial records, memorandum and reports relating to private and public funding. Broadly grouped into private sources, government sources, and annual fund drives. Records of Gilmer Lecture Series and Anthony Porter Scholarship include the will, financial audits and reports (1956-1982) and Dr. Ashmore's correspondence as a trustee, 1965-1982. Records from the Savannah State College/Armstrong State College joint fund drive, 1973-1975. Correspondents/topics include: Department of Health Education and Welfare concerning federal grants, ASC's Office of Financial Aid, Regents Scholarships, student loans and the ASC Commission. For a complete list of files see container lists for boxes 18A and 18B.
    Gilmer Lecture/Anthony Porter Scholarship Box18a, files1-4
    Correspondence with Donors: Box18a, files 6-7,9,10, 30-31 Box 18B 1-9
    SSC/ASC Joint Fund Drives: Box 18b files 6, 8-9; Box 18c
    ASC Annual Fund Drives: (1976-1979) Box 18a files 30-31; Box 18b files 1-5
    Dept of Health, Education and Welfare: Box 18a

    Box 18C Donor records SSC/ASC Joint Fund Drive 1974.

6 files. Pledge cards, records of payment and copies letters of acknowledgement arranged alphabetically by donor's name or name of business, if a corporate donation. Folder 1 A-B (includes record for Savannah Electric and Sears Roebuck)
Folder 2 C-D
Folder 3 F-K
Folder 4 L-P
Folder 5 Q-W
Folder 6 miscellaneous records

Graduation (1937-1986) Box 7-B
Commencement Programs and records about graduation exercises, lists of graduates. Commencement Programs for the years: 1937, 1946-1952, 1954-1963, 1965-1966, 1968-1972, 1974-1984. Commencement program from first graduation of Joint Graduate Program (June, 1972.)

Graduate Program, Joint (1961 - 1976) Box 5
Correspondence with the Chancellor and University System, administrators, faculty, students and community concerning Armstrong State College and Savannah State College cooperation generally and the Schools' Joint Graduate Program. Also includes planning documents, minutes of meetings, publications, annual reports. The First Bulletin (catalog) of the Program is in file 13. The Joint Graduate Program with Savannah State College existed from Fall 1971-1978. It was intended to help desegregate the two colleges, in response to directives from the Department of Health, Education and Welfare (see Desegregation-HEW (box 40) above.) James Eaton (of SSC) and Joseph Adams alternated as Deans of the Joint Graduate Program which offered Masters of Education Degrees in: Elementary Education and various secondary education fields, and a Masters of Business Administration. Files 20-22 deal with efforts for a cooperative undergraduate Social Work program.

Graduate Programs (1979-1982) Box 30
Correspondence with, minutes of meetings of the Graduate Council and graduate program committees. A list of Armstrong's graduate programs (1979)

Health Professions (1966-1982) Box 22-A
Health Professions (1980-1982) Box 22-B (See also Box 60.1-60.3)
Correspondence, proposals, minutes of meetings of School of Health Professions and it's Departments. Correspondence with Chancellor concerning health professions (1966-1968.) Departments represented: Nursing, Radiologic Technology, Dental Hygiene, Respiratory Therapy, Medical Record Program, Health Information Management and Medical Technology. Files on Regional Paramedical Center and start up of the School of Human Services (later, Health Professions) (file 16.) See chronology for RG 500-College of Health Professions. See also Repella's correspondence (1978-1980) in Box 25B file 10A-B and departmental files in Box 23-B. For the period 1980-1982 see also Box 60.1-60.3.

Library (1960-1982) Box 20
Correspondence, minutes of department meetings, annual reports, acquisition lists. Minutes of the Library Committee (a committee of the faculty) for 1974. Files 15 and 16 are librarian's newspaper clippings and documents concerning merger with Savannah State from 1978-1979. Helen Fentress' History of Armstrong's Library, written circa 1990 is file 17.

Program Proposals (1965-1981) Box 2
Program proposals and correspondence with Chancellor's Offices, community and internally regarding program proposals. Arranged by topic or name of proposed program.

File listing for Box 2:

1.Conference on Transition from Junior to Senior College Status: History and Political Science Curriculum (1965 - 1966)
2.Ft Stewart/Hunter (1964 - 1967)
3.Proposals for New Program (1965 - 1967)
4.Programs, Degrees, Courses (1965 - 1972)
5.Proposals for New Programs (1968 - 1971)
6.Business Administration (1970, 1974)
7.Health Professions (1971 - 1980)
8.Requests for New Programs - Graduate (1971; 1973)
9.Special Education - Master Education Application (1972)
10.Masters in Education (1972 - 1974; 1979)
11.Chemistry (1974)
12.Criminal Justice (1975, 1977)
13.New Programs (Miscellaneous) (1970? - 1981)
14.Regents' Committee Visit (1979)
15.Needs: Programs, Buildings (27 Nov 1979)
16.Savannah Observatory (n.d.)
17.Oceanographic Studies and NROTC (J. Marcus Stubbs (1968 - 1971)
18.Academic Program Inventory (1981)

Student Affairs and Student Activities (1965-1977) Box 12 files 10, 13-33
Correspondence with department, students, student organizations and Honor Council. Also annual reports and surveys.

File listing for Box 12, 10-33.

10.Ashmore - Inkwell Correspondence (1971 - 1979)
11.Inkwell/ Newspaper (1962, 1965 - 1968) Files 11 & 12 moved to Box 650.1
12.Inkwell/ Newspaper (1970 - 1972)
13.Committee on Social Fraternities (1965)
14.Faculty Disciplinary Committee (1962 - 1966; 1972) Correspondence with and reports of Committee, which ruled on student discipline violations. 1972 records refer to Honor Council.
15.Policies re: Student Organizations, Disciplinary Procedures (1965 - 1972)
16A.Student Affairs (1967 - 1969) Correspondence with Chancellor regarding Students.
16B.Employment - Survey of Seniors (1968)
16C.ASC Opinion Surveys (1968 - 1971)
17.Student Activity Fees (1969 - 1971)
18.Miss Geechee (1969)
19.Peggy Smoak Case (1969)
20.Student Operation Survival /Emergency Preparedness(1970)
21.Senior Questionnaires (1970 - ?)
22.Sapp, Ellen (1970 - 1976)
Ellen Sapp's discrimination complaint
23.Student Government Association. Student Activities Committee (1970 - 1976)
24.Student Government Association. Constitution and Honor Code (1971)
25.Honor Council/Honor Commission (1971 - 1973)
26.Student Activities (1971 - 1973) Memos from the ASC Department.
27A.Student Affairs (1972 - 1973, 1975, 1977)  Correspondence with Joseph Buck, Dean
27B.Dean's Advisory Council (1971 - 1973)
28.Dennis Pruitt (1972 - 1976)Correspondence. Pruitt was President of the Student Government Association (1971) and during 1972 was Director of Student Activities.
29.Masquers: Plays (1965 - 1975)
30.Masquers (1974 - 1976)
31.Student Activities (1981 - 1982) Correspondence with and copies of correspondence from Al Harris, Director.
32.Student Affairs, Annual Report (1974)
33.Student Affairs, Annual Report (1975)

1/4 Correspondence with Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia and Offices. Correspondence with the Chancellor and University System Office. Contents of each box are described generally below, for a complete list of files see container lists in the University Archives.

George Simpson, Chancellor (1965-1974) Box 4-A
President Ashmore's correspondence with the Chancellor's Office from 1965-1981, memos sent to Presidents from the University System and some files of miscellaneous correspondence, reports and announcements from University System. Correspondence with Chancellor Simpson is also found in topical, faculty and departmental series.

Correspondence with Chancellor's Office:
George Simpson (1965-1969) Box 4A file 1
George Simpson (1969-1971) Box 4A file 2
George Simpson (1969-1972) Box 4A file2B
George Simpson (1973) Box 4A file3
George Simpson (1974) Box 4A file 4
George Simpson (1975) Box 4A file 5
George Simpson (1976) Box 4A file 6A
George Simpson(1978-1980) Box 4A file 6B
Vernon Crawford (1981) Box 4A file 15
H. Dean Propst (1981) Box 4A file 16

Memos to the Presidents from the University System:
1965-1967 Box 4A file 7
1968 Box 4A file 8
1970-1972 Box 4A file 9
1973  Box 4A file 11
1974 Box 4A file12
1976-1977 Box 4A file 14


University System correspondence (1966-1977, bulk 1966-1973) Box 21-A
University System correspondence (1974-1975) Box 21-B
University System correspondence (1975-1981, bulk 1976-1977) Box 21-C
University System correspondence (1978-1981) Box 21-D
University System Committees on Drug Abuse and Sex Education (1968-1974) Box 6

Henry Ashmore's correspondence with several Offices of the University System and two members of the Board of Regents: Anton Solms, Jr. (Box 21A file 1) and Erwin Friedman, (Box 21C files 11A and 11B). Memos and reports address faculty appointments, construction of buildings on campus, financial affairs, curriculum, admissions and accreditation. Some records from committees of the University System are included, especially the Committees on the Use and Abuse of Drugs, which Dr. Ashmore chaired during 1971-1973 (files located in Box 6.) Boxes 21 A-D (4 linear feet) include records from the Vice-Chancellor and other officers of the University System, arranged chronologically, the following Offices/Officers are represented:

Vice Chancellor's Office, John Eidson, Vice-Chancellor for most of the period.
Executive Secretary, Henry Neals
Vice Chancellor for Fiscal Affairs, Shealy McCay
Vice Chancellor for Construction and Physical Plant, Frank Dunham
Vice Chancellor for Academic Development, Joseph Hammock
Vice Chancellor for Services, Howard Jordon, mostly concerns Continuing Education
Vice Chancellor for Research, Mario Goglia
Vice Chancellor for Health Affairs, Harry O'Rear
Director of Admissions and Testing, Thomas McDonald (see also Box 1 files 17 and 20.)

Series Two: Minutes. (1962-1984) 5.5 linear feet. Minutes of meetings of ASC faculty, departments and committees. Minutes of meeting of the University System Advisory Councils and the Board of Regents.

Faculty Meeting minutes (1964-1982) and Faculty Committees (1962-1986, bulk 1971-1979) Box 8
Agendas, attendance lists and minutes of meetings. Some annual reports of Committees and correspondence. Correspondence about Class periods in file 25. The bulk record meetings of the following groups:
Faculty (1964-1982)
Administrative Council (1967-1976)
Administrative Staff Meeting (1970-1975)
Academic Standing Committee (1968-1971)
Curriculum Committee (1971-1982)
And other Committees of the Faculty, ASC Bicentennial Committee.

Department Meeting Minutes (1971-1984, bulk 1973-1984) Box 17
For period 1970-1975, meetings of Department Heads and individual departments of the College arranged alphabetically by name. Starting in 1979 there are files for the School of Human Services, the School of Education and the School of Arts and Sciences, as well as departments of the schools.

File listing for Box 17:

1.Department Head Meeting Minutes (1971; 1973 - 1974)
2.Department Head Minutes (1976)
3.Miscellaneous Minutes/Departments, Staff, Committees (1973 - 1975) Public service, athletic, academic affairs, committees.
4.Academic Skills Lab/Meeting Minutes (1973 - 1975)
5.Biology Department Minutes (1973 - 1975)
6.Business Admin Department Minutes (1972 - 1975)
7.Chemistry/Physics Department Minutes/Memoirs (1972 - 1977)
8.Criminal Justice Department Meeting Minutes (1973 - 1975)
9.Dental Hygiene Department Minutes (1974 - 1975)
10.Education Department Meeting Minutes (1970; 1973 - 1975)
11.Education Department Meeting Minutes (1974-1975)
12.School of Education (1979 - 1982)
13.School of Education Minutes (1982 - 1984, bulk 1983)
14.Fine Arts Faculty Meeting Minutes (1973 - 1975)
15.History Department Meeting Minutes (1973 - 1974)
16.Languages and Literature Department Meetings Minutes (1974 - 1975)
17.Math/Computer Science Faculty Meeting Minutes (1972 - 1975)
18.Nursing Department Meeting Minutes (1973 - 1975)
19.Physical Education Meeting Minutes (1974 - 1975)
20.Physical Education and Athletics Minutes(1982 - 1984)
21.Psychology Department Meeting Minutes (1973 - 1975)
22.School of Arts and Sciences (1979 & 1982)
23.School of Human Services/Health Professions Minutes (1983 - 1984) Meetings of Department Heads. See also Box 22A and 22B.
24.School of Arts and Science (1983-1984)
25.Biology (1983-1984)
26.Chemistry and Physics (192-1984)
27.Criminal Justice (1982-1984)
28.Fine Arts (1982-1984)
29.Languages, Literature and Dramatic Arts (1982-1984)
30.Mathematics and Computer Science (1982-1984)
31.Psychology (1983-1984)

Board of Regents minutes (bulk Sept. 1970-Dec. 1973) Box 21-E
Board of Regents minutes (1971-1980) Box 4B
Board of Regent's Agendas (1971 - 1980) Box 4C
    See also Box 800 BOR Agendas (1981-1985)
Minutes of the Board of Regent's meetings for the period September 1970-December 1973 are arranged chronologically in Box 21E files 2-10:

Sept.-Dec 1970 Box 21E file 2
Jan.-June 1971 Box 21E file 3
July-Dec. 1971 Box 21E file 4
Jan.-June 1972 Box 21 E file 5
July-Dec. 1972 Box 21E file 6
Jan.-June 1973 Box 21E file 7
July-Dec. 1973 Box 21E file 8
Jan-June 1973 Box 21E file 9
July-Dec 1973 Box 21E file 10
Indexes of material concerning ASC in the minutes are in Box 21 E files 12 and 13.

Announcements of approvals by the Board and minutes of some of the Board's meetings are arranged chronologically in these files:

1968-1971 Box 21E file 1
1975 Box 21E file 11 and Box 4B file 2
1976 Box 4B file 3
1977 Box 4B file 4
1978 Box 4B file 5
1979 Box 4B file 6
1980 Box 4B file 7
University System, Minutes (1960-1980, bulk 1970-1980) Box 13-A
University System, Minutes (1978-1984, bulk 1978-1982) Box 13-B

Minutes of meetings of the University System Advisory Councils and the Board of Regents form the bulk of the records (see outline below.) Some correspondence with Officers of the University System, such as with Vice Chancellor's office (Box 13 A file 2), on enrollment (Box 13 B file 1), and on the Rising Junior Test (Box 13A file 9.)

University System Advisory Council:
Minutes of meetings of the University System Advisory Council and its committees for the following years are filed:

1960-1970, bulk 1970-1972 Box 13 A file 1 (includes statutes of the Council)
1968-1973 Box 13 A file 5
1973 Box 13 A file10
1974 Box 13A file 13
1975 Box 13 A file 14
1976 Box 13 A file 15
1977 Box 13 A file 16
1978 Box 13 B file 4
1979 Box 13 B file 5
1980 Box 13 B file 6
1981 Box 13 B file 7
1980-1982 Box 13 B file 9
1982 Box 13 B file 10
1983 Box 13 B file 11
1983-1984 Box 12 B file 12
President's Advisory Council
Dr..Ashmore's notes and documents used for meetings of the President's Advisory Council arranged by date, are filed:  
1970-1980 Box 13 A file 3
1975 Box 21 B file 13
1976 Box 13 A file 18
1977 Box 13 A file 19
1981 Box 13 B file 8
Series Three: Miscellaneous: Publications, Reports and Newspaper Clippings. (1945-1979) 7.5 linear feet. Includes annual reports of the College to the University System, budget requests and related records, arranged by date. Student Publications, publicity of the college and newspaper clippings for 3 periods, arranged by topic.

Annual Reports/Statues(1959-1975) Box 3
   Annual Reports, 1959-1975
    Statues and by-laws of ASC, 1965-1977
    Faculty Handbook, 1971, 1974, 1979
    Student Handbook, 1966
    Reports to the Governor,1968, 1971, 1976 file 18

Budgets (1962-1979) Box 24-A

Budgets (1979-1983) Box 24-B
Budget requests to University System, financial reports of the College, correspondence with Chancellor and other University System officials concerning budget.

Student Publications(1945-1973) Box 12 (files 1-9)

File listing for Box 12 file 1-9:

1.Revolute (1945 - 1946) Freshman student publication, 4 issues
2. Bulletin (1947) Semi-monthly student news, Volume 1 no. 4-9 and sports/extras
3. Inkwell (Apr 1947) A student magazine. Vol. XII no. 3
4. The Turtle Times (1947 - 1948) Official organ of the Terrapin Club,ASC. Vol. 1-3
5. Mercury (1949, 1952)  Quarterly literary magazine. Winter Quarter 1949, March 1952 (vol. 5)
6. The Stinkwell (Mar 1968 - Oct 1968) First through 6th edition and Volume 2, no. 1&2. Underground student newsletter, one issue of Cycles
7. Grapes (May 26, 1972)
8. Maroon and Gold/ Newsletter (1968 - 1972)  Vol. 6-11. Weekley.
9. The Final Edition (1972 - 1973) A publication of the Inkwell. One issue.

Publicity Materials (1950-1983, bulk 1971-1978) Box 32
Brochures, advertising and publications promoting the College.

File listing for Box 32

1. Armstrong Publicity Brochures (1950's)
2.The Armstrong Story (July - August 1963)
Armstrong Publicity Materials (1974 - 1978)
3B.Degrees and Services
3D.Community Services, Short Courses and Workshops
4. ASC/ Business Education (n.d.)
5.Armstrong State College (1971, 1975, 1976, & undated - Mid 1970s?)
6. Photographs
7.Armstrong in Action (Nov.-Dec. 1975, Jan., Feb. 1976)

Newspaper Clippings (1950-1981) Box 11-A
Newspaper Clippings (1971 - 1975) Box 11-B
Newspaper Clippings (1975-1979) Box 11-C

Newspaper clippings about the College arranged by period, then alphabetically by subject. Articles about athletics, extra-curricular activities, ASC departments and administration and the University System are filed here. Topics include: baseball, basketball, back to school, band, administration, allied health, alumni, biology, business administration, community service, criminal justice, cross country, dean's list, education, graduate program, graduation, Masquers, mathematics, mental health, physical, psychology and sociology, student features, and Sunday article. Many clippings are mounted on paper.

File listing for Box 11-A:

1.Armstrong - General (1950 - 1981)
2.Ashmore/Profiles and Personal (1965 - 1981)
3.Buildings and Grounds/Campus Growth (1967 - 1975)
4.Campus Unrest (1966 - 1975)
5.Desegregation/Integration/Savannah State (1965 - 1978)
6.Faculty and Administration (1970 - 1970, 1977, 1981)
7.Health Professions and Nursing Program (1966-1967, 1970,1976, 1978)
8.Regents and the University System (1973 - 1977, 1981)
9.Regional University and Georgia Southern (1970, 1981)
10.Sports (1972, 1974, 1976 - 1977, 1979)
11.Student Life and Alumni Information (1966, 1968 - 1974, 1978, 1980)
Box 11-B see container list
Box 11-C see container list

Administrative records of the Assistant to the President and Director of Development, 1970-1982. 5 linear ft. Memos, correspondence, grant proposals and reports from the files of James O. Baker (1973-1974/5) and Erich F. Stocker who held the position from 1976-1982. Records pertain to federal and private grant funding, especially the Title III grant, which the College received from 1972-1982. Records also deal with institutional research and planning. Correspondence is arranged into 2 date ranges: 1975-1978(37.2), 1980-1981(37.3.) then by correspondent. Subject files cover: Title III federal grants (Box 37.4), other grants and grant proposals (37.3 & 37.1) and institutional research (37 .1).

Box and File listing:

 Subject files, 1971-1979 Box 37.1

1 Civil Rights Compliance Information
2 Annual Summary – Regents CRS Fiscal Year 1974, Inactive, (Dec 1974)
3 AASCU Questionnaire, inactive (1974 – 1975)
4 Questionnaire, Surveys, Reports (1976 – 1979)
5 Questionnaire, Surveys, Reports – Athletics (1974 – 1975)
6 Student Success Data (1975 – 1979)
7 Voluntary Support Survey (1973 – 1977)
8 Title VI – A (1965 – 1981)
9 Title VI – A Application for 1976 – 1977 (12 Oct 1976)
10 Title VI – A FYI (1972 – 1975)
11 All Other Federal Grants, inactive, (1974 – 1975)
12 All Other Federal Grants, inactive, (1972 – 1979)
13 AASCU Questionnaire (1979)
14 Enrollment Data (1974 – 1979)
15 Cost Analysis, final report (11 Feb 1977)
16 Cost Analysis, completed report ( 1975)
17 College Long Range Planning (1978)

Subject files and Correspondence, 1973-1980, bulk, 1975-1978. Box 37.2

1 ASC Mini-Grant Fund
2 Academic Appeals
3-8 Computer Center
10-11 All other College Offices
12 Basic Institutional Development Program
13-14 Department Heads
15 Doctor Etersque
16 –17 Institute of Higher Education
18-19 Outside Agencies
20-21 President Ashmore
22 Phelps-Stokes Fund
23-24 Vice President Propst
25 Title III coordinator
26 Memorandum for the Record
27 Miscellaneous
28 Requests for Information
29 Supply Requisitions

Grant Funding Subject Files, 1973-1988. Correspondence, 1978-1982, bulk, 1980-1981. Box 37.3

Grant subject files:

1-2 All Other Federal Grants
3 Federal Eligibility Declaration, Oct 16, 1976
4 Foundation and Corporate Proposals
5 Fund for Improvement of Post-Secondary Education
6 Grant Requests/National Institutes of Health/Expanded Nurse Training
7 Health Proposals
8 Hodge Foundation
9 Law Enforcement Assistance Administration
10-11 National Science Foundation
12 National Endowment for the Arts
13 National Endowment for the Humanities
14 National Institute of Education/National Institute of Mental Health
15-17 Nursing Capitation Grant
18 Nursing Scholarships

19 Memorandum for the record
20 Ad hoc Comm. On Planning
22 All other College Offices
23 Board of Regents
24 Business Office
25 Department Heads
26 Deans
27 Fact Book
28 Miscellaneous Correspondence
29 President Ashmore
30 Title III Activity Directors
31 Vice President Burnett
32 Handicapped Regulation Compliance
33 Rehabilitation Act of 1973 Section 504 Accessibility Survey (by building)
34 Miscellaneous materials

A guide to Georgia State University for Handicapped Students and Employees. 1975/1977
Strategic Planning and Budgeting for Higher Education. J.L. Green. 1979

Title III, also Title I and Title II, 1973-1981 Box 37.4

1 Title I Community Services
2-3 Title II A and B Library
Title III Strengthening Developing Institutions
4 Financial Status Report
5-10 Budgeting
11 Revised Plan of Operations
12 Travel
13 Budget Support Documents 1979-1980
14 Equipment Inventory 1976
15-16 Revised Budgets
17-23 Proposals
24-29 Evaluation

End of Ashmore records.

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