Inventory of Media (Films, video recordings, magnetic tape (reel to reel), audio tape.)


Film/1(1939) Football Homecoming at Armstrong Junior College. Scenes of the Homecoming parade down Broughton Street, preparations around Armstrong House on Bull Street. Film of owner of local newspaper and longtime ASC Commissioner, Herschel V. Jenkins. Also pictures Roosevelt impersonator, two African-American children. Scenes of football game against Belmont Ave. College (?) North Carolina.

Film 2 (1974) Scenes and events of Armstrong State College. Registration; George Hunnicutt; Dental, Sung ASC: Newman and Lovett; Masquers (Bob Strozier); Construction of Fine Arts; Lab; Library; Masquers; Dr. Hugh Pendexter; Scholarship/Classroom (Dr. Megathlin); Ashmore (ASC Grant); Jim Majors and Steve Joyng; $10, 000 Grant for Dyslexia Clinic (Dr. Stokes); Don Brodfort (Bradfort?) at blackboard; Ashmore on duplication; ASC open return (Bill Stokes); Registration; ASC/SSC checks from C&S (Ashmore, Prince Jackson), Bill Alexander.
(from notes included with the film)

Film 3 1975 scenes and events of Armstrong State College
4/3/75:Painting of Armstrong, Library Site preparation, 6/26/75:ASC exterior shots (aerial), Neil Satterfield, Dean Propst, Suit; Ashmore: Rising Jr. Test; Library construction; 9/15/75:New Fine Arts Building; Hunnicutt on Fall Registration; Dean Propst—Exit Exam; 10/7/75Exchange club presents Freedom Shire to ASC; 11/3/75:Dedication of Fine Arts Center with Burt Reynolds; Dean Propst on Higher entrance levels; Ashmore; Bicentennial; 2/13/76:ASC 40th birthday (Robert Evans?); 6/29/76:Lane Library. (from notes included with the film.)


Video/1 (1968-69) Florence Williams Cawley’s History of Armstrong State College
Format: Super 8

Contents (from handwritten list included in tape):
Administration building, 1969
Campus view, 1969
Juno and Paycock (play), Feb 1968 (Huge Cobb, Yvonne Tenney, Frank Chew, director)
Pioneer Day, Spring 1968(Duncan, Dr. Ashmore in hat, Dale Price, Harry Perrse, Virginia Ramsey White, Peggy Strong)
Luau, Summer 1968(Stratton, Pendexter, Dr. Rodgers, Mrs. Ashmore)
Wallace Production (play), Fall 1968
Chicago/ 14 Hundred Thousand (play), Fall 1968
Bar-B-Q, Nov. 1968 with Nease
Bookstore/Cafeteria 1968(Pound, Baker, Buck, Peggy Strong)
Flo Cawley
Masquer Warm-up with Frank Chew, Fall 1968
Dinnerwith the Family (play), Feb. 1969(Frank Chew, Yvonne Tenney)
Bacchae , April 1969(music by Jan Jankowski)
Longhairs, director Frank Chew
Registration, Winter 1969 in gym
Spring Flowers, 1969 New landscape and sign.
Pioneer Day set up, 1969
Rose garden, 1969
New Student Center going up, 1969
Graduation, 1969 Flo Cawley
Video/2 (1985) 50th Anniversary Interviews (unedited #1)

Video/3 50th Birthday History Tape (Master) 2 copies(?)

Video/4  James M. Majors Interviews:
    Dr. Ashmore (10 minutes) 1975? Budget cutbacks.
    Burt Reynolds (6 minutes)
    Joseph Mydell on "A Streetcar Named Desire" (5 minutes)Dr. Davenport and Mrs. Brower "Biology Field trip to the Smokey Mountains"
        (12   minutes)
    Camping ’76 Panel Discussion (15 minutes)

Video/5 Armstrong –A place to Become

Video/6 Dr. Burnett’s Inaugural Speech (1985)

Video/7 The Burnett Legacy 1999.
Created by Bill Kelso, Office of Student Affairs, to celebrate Dr. Burnett’s accomplishments at the time of his retirement, May, 1999.

  Magnetic Tape (reel to reel) : (6/10/85) 50th Anniversary Graduation (speaker: Arthur Gignilliat)

Audio Tape/1-3 (5/8/78 at Civic Center) and (5/22/78 at Jewish Educational Alliance) Public Hearing about Merger of Armstrong State College/Savannah State College.

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