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ANTH 1102-1BRUNOIntro to Anthropology
ANTH 1102-1MCKELLARIntroduction to Anthropology
ANTH 1150-1BRUNOGlobal Perspectives in Anthropology: Peoples of the World
ANTH 1150-1MCKELLARGlobal Perspectives in Anthropology
ANTH 3050-1BRUNONorth American Indians
ANTH 3100-1BRUNOAnthropology of Sex and Gender
ANTH 4000-1BRUNOSorcery, Demons, and Gods
ANTH 4402-1BRUNOSelected Topics in Anthropology
ANTH 4403-1BRUNOSpecial Topics
ARTS 1100-1COSTAArt Appreciation
ARTS 2720-1COSTAArt History 2
ARTS 3510-1CATOArt for the Pre-Adolescent
ASTR 1020-1SECRESTStellar and Galactic Astronomy
BIOL 1103-1NIXONConcepts of Biology
BIOL 1107-1MATEERPrinciples of Biology I
BIOL 1107-1NIXONPrinciples of Biology I
BIOL 1107-1WARBINGTON-WELLSPrinciples of Biology I
BIOL 4510-1MATEERModern Principles of Development
BIOL 4970-1ZETTLERInvasive Species
CHEM 1211-1PADGETTPrinciples of Chemistry I
CHEM 2300-1NIVENSPrinciples of Chemical Analysis
CHEM 2700-1PADGETTDescriptive and Materials Chemistry
CHEM 3300-1NIVENSInstrumental Analysis
CHEM 3401-1PADGETTPhysical Chemistry I
CHEM 4940-1NIVENSSpecial Topics: Environmental Chemistry
CHEM 4950-1CARPENTERSpecial Topics: Intro to Medical Chemistry
CSDS 1220-1GARRITYIntroduction To Communication Disorders
CSDS 2240-1KECKCommunications Sciences And Disorders
CSDS 3430-1KECKOrganically and Neurologically Based Communication Disorders
CSDS 4190-1KECKClinical Methods in Speech-Language Pathology
CSDS 4500-1GARRITYIntroduction to Research in Speech and Language Pathology
CSDS 7136-1KECKIntro To Clinical Practice in Comm Disorders
CSDS 7137-1KECKIntro to Clinical Practicum
CSDS 7140-1GARRITYDiagnosis and Appraisal of Communication Disorders
CSDS 7142-1BRADSHAWRehabilitation Sciences
CSDS 7145-1GARRITYVoice Disorders
CSDS 7151-1GARRITYAphasia and Related Neurogenic Disorders
CSDS 7163-1KECKResearch Methodology
CSDS 7193-1KECKResearch Methodology
COMM 5600-1DESNOYERS-COLASGender and Communication
CSCI 2070-1REEDIntro to Computer Ethics/ Security
CRJU 2020-1MURPHYEthical Theories and Moral Issues in Criminal Justice
CRJU 2100-1BENNETTCriminology
CRJU 3100-1BENNETTResearch Methods
CRJU 8810-1BENNETTCriminological Theory
CRJU 8811-1DACRUZCriminal Justice Leadership
ECON 1150-1SAADATMANDGlobal Economic Problems
ECON 2105-1SAADATMANDPrinciples of Macroeconomics
ECON 2105-1TOMAPrinciples of Macroeconomics
ECON 2106-1SAADATMANDPrinciples of Microeconomics
ECON 3050-1TOMAIntermediate Macroeconomics
ECON 3100-1SAADATMANDMultinational Enterprise
ECON 3200-1SAADATMANDInternational Trade
ECON 3500-1SAADATMANDManagerial Economics
ECON 4100-1TOMAPortfolio Management
ECON 4310-1SAADATMANDInternational Finance
ECON 4400-1SAADATMANDSeminar Third World Economic Development
ECON 4410-1TOMARegional Economics
ECON 4550-1TOMAPublic Choice
ECON 5200-1SAADATMANDInternational Trade
ECON 5310-1SAADATMANDCourse no longer taught
CEUG 2100-1LOYDIntro to Students with Disabilities
CEUG 3012-1FABRIKANTLanguage Acquisition
EDUC 2120-1RAHIMISociocultural Perspectives in Education
EEXE 7280-1LOYDCharacteristics of Mental Retardation
ENGL 1101-1DINATALEComposition 1
ENGL 1101-1RAGOComposition 1
ENGL 1101-1SMITHComposition and Rhetoric
ENGL 1102-1CAMPBELLComposition II
ENGL 1102-1DINATALECompostion II
ENGL 1102-1JAMISONComposition and Literature
ENGL 1102-1RAGOComposition II
ENGL 1102-1SMITHComposition and Literature
ENGL 1102-2ANDREWSComposition and Literature
ENGL 2000-1BAKEREthics and Values in Literature
ENGL 2000-1DINATALEEthics and Values in Literature
ENGL 2100-0REMLERLiterature and Humanities, Sections 1 and 3
ENGL 2100-1BAKERLiterature and Humanities
ENGL 2100-1CAMPBELLLiterature and Humanities
ENGL 2100-1DINATALELiterature and Humanities
ENGL 2100-1ERNEYLiterature and Humanities
ENGL 2100-1RAGOLiterature and Humanities
ENGL 2100-1SMITHLiterature and Humanitiies
ENGL 2100-1WINTERHALTERHonors Literature and Humanities
ENGL 2121-1BAKERSurvey of English Lit
ENGL 2122-1RAGOSurvey of British Literature 2
ENGL 3010-1ERNEYIntroduction to Literary Studies
ENGL 3010-1RAGOIntro to Literary Studies
ENGL 3020-1HOWELLSIntroduction to Composition Studies
ENGL 3141-1BAKERThe Bible as Literature
ENGL 4700-1REMLERAdvanced Composition
ENGL 5000-1RAGOEdge-Communities & National Identity
ENGL 5000-1REMLERSpecial Topics
ENGL 5200-1ERNEYPostcolonial Literature
ENGL 5325-1ANDREWS19th century American Literature
ENGL 5340-1RAGOLiterature by Women
ENGL 5415-1WINTERHALTERBritish novel
ENGL 5440-1JAMISONEarly English Literature Beginning 1603
ENGL 5455-1BAKERShakespeare
ENGL 5480-1BAKERLiterature of the English Renaissance
ENGL 5485-1BAKERMilton
ENGL 5500-1WHEELER18th Century British Poetry & Prose
ENGL 5525-1WINTERHALTER19th Century British Poetry and Prose
ENGL 5535-1WINTERHALTER20th C. British Poetry/Prose
ENGL 5610-1WINTERHALTERMajor Author: Joyce
ENGL 5800-1JAMISONAdvanced Grammer
ENGL 5990-1RAGOSenior Capstone Seminar
ENGL 5990-1WHEELERSenior Capstone Seminar
ETHC 2000-1KRAFTInterdiscip Ethics & Values
ETHI 2000-1BAKERInterdisciplinary Ethics and Values
ETHI 2000-1COSTAEthics & Values
ETHI 2000-1CROSBYInterdisciplinary Ethics
ETHI 2000-1NORDENHAUGInterdisciplinary Ethics and Values
ETHI 2000-1RAGOInterdisciplinary Ethics and Values
EEXE 7001-1LOYDTechnologies for Special Education
FILM 5010-1HOLLINGERTopics in Film: Classic Horror
FILM 5035-1HOLLINGERFilm Theory and Criticism
FILM 5040-1HOLLINGERWomen and Film
FOUN 7060-1RAHIMIAdolescant and Adult Learning
HLPR 0000-1BUELOWIHI Obesity Competition
HLPR 2000-1CROSBYIntroductory Research in Health Professions
HLPR 2000-1STREATERIntroduction Research in Health Professions
HSCA 3600-1MCADAMSFinancial Management/Health Organization
HSCA 4201-1MCADAMSHealth Care Marketing
HSCA 4600-1WOELBERPrinciples of Human Resources Management
HSCA 4610-1CROSBYHealth Care Economics
HSCA 4630-1MCADAMSHealth Info Systems
HSCA 4640-1CROSBYManaged Care Concepts
HSCA 8911-1CROSBYHealth Services Administration Practium I
HSCA 8912-1CROSBYHealth Services Administration Practicum II
HSCC 3110-1MCADAMSHealth Law
HSCC 3120-1CROSBYHealth Policy and Law
HSCC 3120-1MCADAMSHealth Policy and Law
HSCC 3130-1CROSBYHealth Policy Issues
HSCC 3140-1ADAMSEpidemiology
HSCC 4010-1CROSBYHealth Progran Planning and Evaluation
HSCC 4020-1ST.PIERRESeminar in Proffesional Issues
MHSA 5500-1ADAMSManaging Health Professionals
MHSA 5800-1CROSBYComparative Health Systems
MHSA 7200-1CROSBYStatistical Methods for Health Services Administration
MHSA 7620-1CROSBYHealth Care Administration
MHSA 7630-1CROSBYSelf-Directed Research in Health Services Administration - Health Policy Materials
MHSA 7630-2CROSBYSelf-Directed Research in Health Services Administration - Epidemiology Materials
MHSA 7650-1BUELOWHuman Resource Management In Health Care
MHSA 7650-1CROSBYHuman Resources Management in Health Care
MHSA 7700-1CROSBYQuality Management Methods in Health Care
MHSA 7750-1CROSBYRisk Management and Insurance in Health Care
MHSA 8610-1CROSBYHealth Care Economics
MHSA 8625-1CROSBYHealth Informatics
MHSA 8625-1MCADAMSHealth Care Informatics
MHSA 8630-1CROSBYHealth Care Financial Management
MHSA 8635-1CROSBYHealth Policy Seminar
MHSA 8635-1DURSOHealth Politics and Policy
MHSA 8640-1CROSBYManaged Care
MHSA 8650-1CROSBYOperations Management Methods in Health Care
MHSA 8861-1ADAMSOrganizational Theory and Behavior in Health Care
MHSA 8863-1CROSBYHealthcare Strategic Marketing and Planning
MHSA 8864-1MCADAMSLegal and Ethical Environment in Health Care
MHSA 8870-1RICHManagerial and Biomedical Ethics
HSCP 3120-1MCADAMSHealth Policy and Law
HSCP 3730-1MARSHALLHealth Promotion Theory
HSCP 7110-1CROSBYEpidemiology-DL
PUBH 5700-1ADAMSEnvironmental Health Issues
PUBH 7100-1BUELOWFoundations of Public Health Concepts and Administrations
PUBH 7100-1DURSOFoundations of Public Health Concepts and Administrations
PUBH 7100-1MCADAMSHealth Care Concepts/ Delivery System (Fall 2003)
PUBH 7100-2MCADAMSHealth Care concepts/Delivery Sys (NOT IN CURRENT USE)
PUBH 7110-1ADAMSEpidemiology
PUBH 7210-1ADAMSPrinciples of Population Studies
PUBH 7720-1RICHTheory in Health Education
PUBH 7760-1RICHSpec Topics: Health & Law
PUBH 8710-1RICHResearch Methods
PUBH 8730-1RICHHealth Communication
HIST 1100-1BENJAMINPolitical Constitutional History og Georgia
HIST 1100-1FERTIGPolitical History of America - GA
HIST 1111-1BELZERWorld Civilization I
HIST 1111-1FERTIGCivilization 1
HIST 1111-1TATLOCKCivilization I
HIST 1111-2TODESCACivilization I
HIST 1112-0HENDRICKSCivilization II
HIST 1112-1BELZERCivilization II
HIST 1112-1TODESCACivilization II
HIST 2000-1ARENSIntroduction to the European Union
HIST 2000-1BELZEREthics and Values in History
HIST 2000-1FERTIGEthics and Values in History
HIST 2000-1HOPKINSEthics in History
HIST 2000-3TODESCAEthics and Values in History
HIST 2001-1EBELHIST 2001: Ebel
HIST 2001-1FERTIGPolitical History of America - GA
HIST 2100-1NTIThe African Diaspora
HIST 2111-1FERTIGHistory of America to 1877
HIST 3000-1BELZERHistory of Italy
HIST 3000-1FERTIGSpecial Topics
HIST 3000-1TATLOCKAncient Near East
HIST 3150-1NTIHistory of Africa to 1800
HIST 3160-1NTIHistory of Africa Since 1800
HIST 3220-1WANGHistory of Japan
HIST 3300-1ARENSModern Russia
HIST 3360-1ARENSModern East Central Europe
HIST 3440-1TODESCAEurope in the Middle Ages
HIST 3460-1BELZERRenaissance and Reformation
HIST 3460-1TODESCAThe Renaisaance and Reformation
HIST 3500-1FERTIGFoundations of Historical Studies
HIST 3500-1TODESCAFoundations of Historical Studies
HIST 3560-1BELZERModern Europe
HIST 3710-1HENDRICKSColonial/Revolutionary America
HIST 3800-1FERTIGIntroduction to Public History
HIST 3800-1HENDRICKSIntro to Public History
HIST 3800-1HOWARDIntro to Public History
HIST 3890-1MORETONHIST 6890/3890-Topics In Public History
HIST 3910-1BENJAMINAfrican American History from 1865
HIST 4010-1ARENSSeminar: Russian Revolution
HIST 4020-1NTIResearch Seminar in World History
HIST 4020-1TODESCASeminar in European History
HIST 4500-1HOPKINSHistorical Methods
HIST 4900-1TATLOCKSeminar in Non-Western History
HIST 4910-1ARENSSeminar in Russian History
HIST 4920-1TODESCASeminar in European History
HIST 4960-1HOPKINSAmerican Historiography
HIST 5200-1NTITopics in African History
HIST 5300-1ARENSHistory Russia/Soviet Union Foreign Policy
HIST 5450-1TODESCATopics in Medieval History
HIST 5480-1TODESCATopics in European History
HIST 5565-1HOPKINSTopics in History of American Reform
HIST 5570-1HOPKINSTopics/History of American South
HIST 5700-1HOWARDAmerican Material Culture
HIST 5750-1FERTIGFolklife
HIST 5770-1FERTIGOral History
HIST 5790-1BENJAMINArchival Methods
HIST 5810-1HENDRICKSVernacular Architecture
HIST 5830-1HENDRICKSHistoric Preservation
HIST 5850-1FERTIGMuseum Studies
HIST 5870-1FERTIGHeritage Tourism
HIST 5890-1BELZERHistory of Savannah
HIST 5890-1FERTIGTopics in Public History
HIST 7420-1TODESCAColloquium in European History
HIST 7430-1HENDRICKSColloquium in American History
HIST 7440-1TODESCAColloquium in World History
HIST 7500-1HALLHistorical Methods
HIST 7500-1TODESCAHistorical Methods
HIST 7580-1HOPKINSSeminar in American History
HONS 2000-1RAGOLiterature and Humanities Honors
LANE 2200-1FRAZIERTesting entry
LANE 2201-1FRAZIERIntro to Library
LANE 3300-1FRAZIERTesting entry 3
LIST 3000-1SIMMONSThe History of Liberal Arts
LSLI 2010-1FRAZIERIssues in Modern Libraries (Demo page only)
MATH 1111-1EASTMANCollege Algebra
MGSE 3060-1COBERLYCurriculum and Methods (4-8)
MGSE 6500-1RAHIMIInstructional Strategies for Reading Writing Across the Discipline
NURS 3305-1TAGGARTTherapeutic Nursing Interventions
NURS 3306-1TAGGARTTransitional Concepts
NURS 4000-1TUCKProfessional Nursing Practice
NURS 4005-1MAHANPopulation Focused Community Nursing in a Global Society
NURS 4008-1HALLOCKPathophysiology/Pharmacology
NURS 4440-1MAHANPopulation Focused Community Nursing
NURS 4445-1TAGGARTNursing Research
NURS 4450-1HAGERTYProfessional Leadership & Management
NURS 4450-1HALLOCKProf. Nursing Leadership & Mngmt
NURS 7752-1NIVENSResearch Design in Nursing
NURS 7754-1TAGGARTProfessional Roles : Issues and Concerns
NURS 7756-1MAHANHealth Policy and Politics
NURS 7756-1TAGGARTHealth Policy Concerns
NURS 8841-1NIVENSAdult Primary Health Care I
NURS 8842-1HALLOCKAdult Primary Care II
NURS 8842-1NIVENSAdult Primary Care II
NURS 8843-1NIVENSGerontol Con/Primary Healthcare
NURS 8852-1TAGGARTAdult Health CNS
NURS 8863-1CROSBYHealthcare Strategic Marketing and Planning
PHIL 2010-1SIMMONSIntroduction to Philosophy
PHIL 2010-1TRITTENIntro to Philosophy
PHIL 2030-1COOKSEYIntro to Ethics/Contemporary Moral Philosophy
PHIL 2030-1POGORELSKYIntro Ethic/Contem Moral Phil
PHIL 2030-1SIMMONSIntroduction to Ethics and Contemporary Moral Philosophy
PHIL 2030-1TRITTENIntro to Ethics and Contemporary Moral Philosophy
PHIL 2201-3POGORELSKYIntroduction to Philosophy
PHIL 2251-1POGORELSKYInto Ethic/Contemporary Moral Philosophy
PHIL 3150-1SIMMONS20th Century Philosophy
PHIL 3310-1SIMMONSPhilosophy of Film
PHIL 3320-1SIMMONSPostmodernism
PHIL 4000-1SIMMONSPhilosophy of Film
PEHM 3283-1WIMERKinesiology
PHSC 1211-1KAVIRATNAPhysical Science
PHTH 5131-1LAKEFoundations of PT: Examination, Evaluation, and Intervention I
PHTH 5161-1LAKEPhysical Therapy Issues I
PHTH 5161-1THOMPSONPhysical Therapy Practice Issues I
PHTH 5181-1SCHEAFERPracticum I
PHTH 5181-1THOMPSONClinical Practicum I
PHTH 5212-1LAKEPathophysiology 2
PHTH 5232-1LAKEExamination/Evaluation/Intervention II
PHTH 5232-1THOMPSONFnd PT Exam Eval Intervent 2
PHTH 5262-1THOMPSONPT Practice Issues II
PHTH 5282-1SCHEAFERClinical Practicum II
PHTH 5282-1THOMPSONClinical Practicum II
PHTH 7313-1THOMPSONIntro Path Physiology
PHTH 7401-1LAKEClinical Medicine I
PHTH 7401-1THOMPSONClinical Medicine I
PHTH 7461-1THOMPSONImplementation of Lifespan Concepts in Physical Therapy I
PHTH 7501-1LAKEClinical Medicine I (Fall 2007)
PHTH 7502-1LAKEClinical Medicine II
PHTH 7602-1THOMPSONClinical Medicine
PHTH 7662-1THOMPSONImplem of Lifesp Conc II MCG
PHTH 7700-1THOMPSONManagement and Supervision in Physical Therapy
PHTH 8733-1SCHEAFERAdvanced Examination Evaluation Inter III-MCG
PHYS 2211-1MULLENAXPrinciples of Physics I
PHYS 2212-1MULLENAXPrinciples of Physics II
POLS 1150-1DACRUZWorld Politics
POLS 2100-1ROYIntroduction to Political Science
POLS 2100-1SMITHIntroduction to Political Science
POLS 2290-1DACRUZFoundations of International Relations
POLS 3500-1DACRUZThird World National Security
POLS 3990-1DACRUZSpecial Topics: Latin American Politics
POLS 4280-1DACRUZTheory of International Relations
POLS 5250-1DACRUZInternational Organizations
POLS 5280-1ROYSeminar in Global Politics
POLS 5460-1ROYGoverments of East Asia
PSYC 1101-2KRAFTIntroduction to Psychology
PSYC 1101-6SCOTTGeneral Psychology
PSYC 1101H1ROBERTSIntroduction to Psychology
PSYC 2000-1KRAFTEthics and Values in Psychology
PSYC 2200-1DOUGLASSIntro to Psychological Research
PSYC 2200-2SCOTTIntroduction to Psychological Research
PSYC 2200-3KRAFTIntroduction to Psychological Research
PSYC 2300-1ROBERTSGlobal Pers Developmental Psychology
PSYC 3030-1SCOTTExperimental Social Psychology
PSYC 3050-1ROBERTSTopics in Development
PSYC 3060-1DOUGLASSBehavior Modification
PSYC 3100-1KRAFTPsychology of Human Sexuality
PSYC 3120-1SCOTTMeasurement
PSYC 3150-1KRAFTPsychology of Conflict and Stress
PSYC 3160-1WOLFEClinical Psychology
PSYC 3200-1KRAFTIndustrial/Organizational Psychology
PSYC 3210-1KRAFTPsychology of Work Behavior
PSYC 3300-1KRAFTLeadership & Group Dynamics
PSYC 3800-1WOLFEHealth Psychology
PSYC 4060-1DOUGLASSBehavior Modification
PSYC 4080-1DOUGLASSLearning and Motivation
PSYC 4080-1ELCOROLearning and Motivation
PSYC 4100-1KRAFTHistory and Systems of Psychology
PSYC 5010-1WOLFESpecial Topics in Psyc: Women
PSYC 5062-1FERGUSONAdvanced Behavior Change Techniques
PSYC 5100-1WOLFEWomen and Mental Health
PSYC 5150-1KRAFTPsychology of Conflict and Stress
PSYC 5300-1KRAFTLeadership and Group Dynamics
RDEN 7071-1BERGERLinking Literary Assessment to Instruction
RDEN 7072-1FABRIKANTReading in Content Area
RDEN 8070-1BERGERUnderstanding Readers and the Reading Process
RDEN 8071-1BERGERLinking Lit Assess Instruct
RDEN 8072-1BERGERInstructional Strategies/ Content Areas
RHAB 4111-1WOFFORDPathophysiology
RHAB 5100-1LAKENeuromuscular Basis of Exercise
RELI 4000-1TATLOCKSpecial Topics in Religion
SPAN 3031-1TORRESSpanish Conversation/Composition
SPAN 3200-1DEAVERIntroduction to Literature
SPAN 3240-1TORRESSurvey of Spanish American Literature II
SPAN 4010-1DEAVERSpecial Genre
SPAN 4010-1TORRESSpecial Genre
SPAN 4020-1DEAVERSpecial Author
SPAN 4020-2DEAVERSpecial Author: GGM
SPAN 4030-1DEAVERSpecial Topics: US Hispanic Literature
SPAN 4030-1ROLDANImmigracion e Identidad
SPAN 4060-1DEAVERContemporary Spanish American Novel
SPAN 4070-1DEAVERContemporary Span Peninsular Novel
SPAN 4080-1DEAVERSpanish Peninsular Theater
SPED 7001-1LOYDTechnologies for Special Education
SMED 5060-1WIMERPhysiological Foundations of Sport and Physical Activity
SMED 5300-1THOMPSONBiomech Anal/Hum Mv & Musc Inj
SMED 8810-1LAKECardiovascular Pathophysiology, Exercise & Rehabilitation
WS 1101-1RAGOIntro to Gender and Women's Studies
WS 2010-1POGORELSKYEthics, Value, and Gender
WS 2101-1DERAYEthics, Values, and Gender
WS 2101-1HOPKINSEthics, Values, and Gender
WS 2101-1RAGOEthics, Values, and Gender
WS 2101-1WINTERHALTERGender and Ethics
WS 2200-1DERAYGender in Global Contexts
WS 2200-1RAGOGender in Global Context
WS 2200-1TATLOCKGender in Global Contexts
WS 5000-1DESNOYERS-COLASPerspective/ Feminist Theory
WS 5700-1RAGOFeminist Theory

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