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HIST 1100-1BENJAMINPolitical Constitutional History og Georgia
HIST 1100-1FERTIGPolitical History of America - GA
HIST 1111-1BELZERWorld Civilization I
HIST 1111-1FERTIGCivilization 1
HIST 1111-1TATLOCKCivilization I
HIST 1111-2TODESCACivilization I
HIST 1112-0HENDRICKSCivilization II
HIST 1112-1BELZERCivilization II
HIST 1112-1TODESCACivilization II
HIST 2000-1ARENSIntroduction to the European Union
HIST 2000-1BELZEREthics and Values in History
HIST 2000-1FERTIGEthics and Values in History
HIST 2000-1HOPKINSEthics in History
HIST 2000-3TODESCAEthics and Values in History
HIST 2001-1EBELHIST 2001: Ebel
HIST 2001-1FERTIGPolitical History of America - GA
HIST 2100-1NTIThe African Diaspora
HIST 2111-1FERTIGHistory of America to 1877
HIST 3000-1BELZERHistory of Italy
HIST 3000-1FERTIGSpecial Topics
HIST 3000-1TATLOCKAncient Near East
HIST 3150-1NTIHistory of Africa to 1800
HIST 3160-1NTIHistory of Africa Since 1800
HIST 3220-1WANGHistory of Japan
HIST 3300-1ARENSModern Russia
HIST 3360-1ARENSModern East Central Europe
HIST 3440-1TODESCAEurope in the Middle Ages
HIST 3460-1BELZERRenaissance and Reformation
HIST 3460-1TODESCAThe Renaisaance and Reformation
HIST 3500-1FERTIGFoundations of Historical Studies
HIST 3500-1TODESCAFoundations of Historical Studies
HIST 3560-1BELZERModern Europe
HIST 3710-1HENDRICKSColonial/Revolutionary America
HIST 3800-1FERTIGIntroduction to Public History
HIST 3800-1HENDRICKSIntro to Public History
HIST 3800-1HOWARDIntro to Public History
HIST 3890-1MORETONHIST 6890/3890-Topics In Public History
HIST 3910-1BENJAMINAfrican American History from 1865
HIST 4010-1ARENSSeminar: Russian Revolution
HIST 4020-1NTIResearch Seminar in World History
HIST 4020-1TODESCASeminar in European History
HIST 4500-1HOPKINSHistorical Methods
HIST 4900-1TATLOCKSeminar in Non-Western History
HIST 4910-1ARENSSeminar in Russian History
HIST 4920-1TODESCASeminar in European History
HIST 4960-1HOPKINSAmerican Historiography
HIST 5200-1NTITopics in African History
HIST 5300-1ARENSHistory Russia/Soviet Union Foreign Policy
HIST 5450-1TODESCATopics in Medieval History
HIST 5480-1TODESCATopics in European History
HIST 5565-1HOPKINSTopics in History of American Reform
HIST 5570-1HOPKINSTopics/History of American South
HIST 5700-1HOWARDAmerican Material Culture
HIST 5750-1FERTIGFolklife
HIST 5770-1FERTIGOral History
HIST 5790-1BENJAMINArchival Methods
HIST 5810-1HENDRICKSVernacular Architecture
HIST 5830-1HENDRICKSHistoric Preservation
HIST 5850-1FERTIGMuseum Studies
HIST 5870-1FERTIGHeritage Tourism
HIST 5890-1BELZERHistory of Savannah
HIST 5890-1FERTIGTopics in Public History
HIST 7420-1TODESCAColloquium in European History
HIST 7430-1HENDRICKSColloquium in American History
HIST 7440-1TODESCAColloquium in World History
HIST 7500-1HALLHistorical Methods
HIST 7500-1TODESCAHistorical Methods
HIST 7580-1HOPKINSSeminar in American History

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