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NURS 3305-1TAGGARTTherapeutic Nursing Interventions
NURS 3306-1TAGGARTTransitional Concepts
NURS 4000-1TUCKProfessional Nursing Practice
NURS 4005-1MAHANPopulation Focused Community Nursing in a Global Society
NURS 4008-1HALLOCKPathophysiology/Pharmacology
NURS 4440-1MAHANPopulation Focused Community Nursing
NURS 4445-1TAGGARTNursing Research
NURS 4450-1HAGERTYProfessional Leadership & Management
NURS 4450-1HALLOCKProf. Nursing Leadership & Mngmt
NURS 7752-1NIVENSResearch Design in Nursing
NURS 7754-1TAGGARTProfessional Roles : Issues and Concerns
NURS 7756-1MAHANHealth Policy and Politics
NURS 7756-1TAGGARTHealth Policy Concerns
NURS 8841-1NIVENSAdult Primary Health Care I
NURS 8842-1HALLOCKAdult Primary Care II
NURS 8842-1NIVENSAdult Primary Care II
NURS 8843-1NIVENSGerontol Con/Primary Healthcare
NURS 8852-1TAGGARTAdult Health CNS
NURS 8863-1CROSBYHealthcare Strategic Marketing and Planning

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