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The Living in Savannah scrapbooks consist of photographs taken byArmstrong Junior College students for a Contemporary Georgia course in 1939-40 and 1940-41. Both albums are part of the Florence Powell Minis collection housed at the Lane Library. This volume contains 300 photographs and focuses on housing conditions in Savannah, particularly on those of the lower class people--Black and white. We include the original captions given by the student authors without comment. The photos and captions speak for themselves about the attitudes of the student authors and the conditions found in Savannah while America was still at peace and war raged throughout Europe, Africa and Asia. The text page includes the title page and preface. Student photographers are credited on the appropriate pages.

Colored home on East Bay Street

Colored Home (on East Bay St.)

White home in Old Fort

White Home (in Old Fort)

White home in Southern Section

White Home (in Southern Section)

White home on 42nd Street

White Home (on 42nd St.)

White home in Old Fort

White Home (in Old Fort)

Colored home on East Broad Street

Colored Home (on East Broad)

White residence on Chatham Cresecent

White Residence (in Chatham Crescent)

White residence on Chatham Crescent

White Residence (in Chatham Crescent)

Student photographer(s): Helen Edel


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